Counts Studio has been recognized as an emerging voice in contemporary landscape architecture and urbanism specializing in public space design. Respectful of what has come before, but taking cues from the 21st century metropolitan and contemporary life, we help to shape bold and authentic new urban typologies for cities small and large through design, management and construction. With offices in New York and Chicago, our firm was founded in 2009 on the belief that the designed landscapes need to be more reflective of the diversity, vitality, and complexities of 21st century urban life, events, and culture. We work locally, nationally and abroad on landscapes ranging from gardens, memorials, plazas, and rooftops to large urban parks, waterfronts, and master plans. We have received numerous awards including a National Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects and have been finalists for numerous high-profile competitions such as the National World War 1 Memorial in Washington, DC. Through all of our work we strive to bring a positive light to and create spaces that are representative of the color, vibrancy, importance of our collective experiences through the goals and aspirations of our clients. Our trademark physical model-based design process fosters productive and inclusive public input and consensus building complemented by our visual communication skills involving robust in-house digital modeling, rendering capabilities ensures that together, ensures each of our projects is a one-of-a-kind outdoor place. Learning, valuing and generating work reflective of the many voices involved in the design process of each and every project enables us to create meaningful places that enhance the lives of people in cities, while also improving the ecological health of our natural environment. At the heart of our unique process is a focus on the future centered on how the designed and built environment will be understood and are taken care of for generations to come.

Master Planning

Urban Park Design

Residential Garden Design

Our firm is internationally recognized for our award-winning Master Plans. We believe strongly in the creative, economic, and logistical benefits in establishing an appropriate and inspiring vision at the earliest stages of a project. We are passionate about urban parks, public spaces, and streetscapes. We are interested in the democratic ideals they embody. We are based in New York City for the daily opportunities to continue to live in, learn from, and be inspired by masterpieces of the urban landscape. We enjoy working with home owners and architects in creating beautiful and intimately scaled contemporary garden projects with innovative design solutions that grow naturally from physical circumstances.

Public Process Facilitation

Community Outreach

Private Development

Understanding and responding to a community’s needs, desires, and concerns are critical aspects of producing the right design for the right place. Our public process facilitation qualifications include experience with some of the most high-profile, complex, and contentious urban landscape projects in the world. Connecting public spaces to their context and ensuring that these spaces have the durability and cultural resonance to maintain relevance, usefulness, and beauty informs our design process. We assist private developers in helping to shape a vision for their outdoor spaces. We understand the importance of economic resourcefulness, maintaining project schedules, and productive collaboration between team members.

Project Administration

Artist Collaboration

Public Presentations

Our commitment to design excellence is supported by over 50 years of combined experience in project administration, budgetary management, and construction implementation. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to bring beautifully constructed and detailed projects on-time and on-budget. Our inclusive design approach is defined by its highly collaborative process. We believe that often times great project visions come from working with other professionals including artists, architects, engineers, and more to maximize the choreography of how each design is not only approached, but realized. Our design approach is centered on the belief that the built landscape, at its best, has the power to create community and harmonize conflicting perspectives; to, in effect, build a bridge. Therefore, a cornerstone of our process includes public presentations of both in-process and finished work as a means of being inclusive and transparency.

Graphic Communication


Design Implementation

Our office is fluent in the most cutting edge digital graphic and design communication software and techniques. This capability, coupled with the flexibility and responsiveness of our size gives us the unique capacity to easily custom tailor our working methods, production, and content to each individual client and project. In recognition of our work, we are regularly featured in the news, magazines, social media, other media outlets and design publications. We enjoy sharing our work with the design community, allied professions, and the public at large. Project execution including site administration and observation is a critical aspect of our practice. We work with our clients to ensure that their projects are properly implemented on-time and on-budget. We have experience with leading contractors who have proven track records and expertise in building.